Skincare mistakes you might be making.

Skincare mistakes you might be making.

Sure, you have a power skincare routine. 

But no matter how much you think you know, there could be a few bad habits you are doing that are preventing you from achieving the happy, healthy skin you want. 

Here are some of the biggest mistakes to avoid.

1. Not cleaning your phone

The device we cannot live without everyday – mobile phones. 

We take them everywhere we go, and leave them on any surface.

On the tables, at the cashier, to the toilet.... 

No matter how clean you keep your hands, the bacteria gets transferred to our faces when we pick our phone up to answer a call.

Take a minute to wipe your phone daily with a disinfecting wipe, your skin will thank you!

2. Not washing your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes and beauty sponges hold a lot more than just make up. They also hold bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells if you don't wash them often!

Do your skin a favour and wash your tools often.

Try to wash your beauty tools every 2 weeks to keep them clean!

3. Not being gentle with your skin 

The most important rule when touching your eyes or your face – BE GENTLE!

Show your skin some tender loving care~

Rubbing and pulling your skin can cause premature aging signs to appear before their time. 

Switch to a cleansing balm instead of removing your makeup with wipes, and try patting your skincare in instead of rubbing them.

4. Constantly touching your face

It can be a habit you do subconsciously when you're focused at work, or deep in thought. Or a habit like resting your chin on your hands.


Our hands are full of bacteria with the amount of surfaces we touch throughout the day. 

Try to minimise contact with your face to keep those bacteria away!

5. Changing products too quickly. 

Truth is, skincare takes time to work.

You can't achieve results overnight (even if the ads say so)!

Changing your skincare too quickly can cause a disruption in your skin's natural barrier, and this makes it agitated and sensitive! 

Stick to a product for a least 3 months to gauge its effectiveness, before giving up on it and slowly incorporate your next product! 


Which of these bad habits are you guilty of?

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