Starting 2022 with a B A N G!

Starting 2022 with a B A N G!

Here's 6 ways to kick off 2022 with a B A N G!

1. Tidy up your space

Yes, you heard that right! This might sound like something trivial, but research has shown that cleaning up your space is a good way to refresh. There are so many things you can tidy up - bedroom, study area, emails etc. Don't procrastinate and start now! You'll thank yourself later.


2. Develop a healthy lifestyle

Exercise comes in many different forms, be it high intensity, strength training, spin classes, boxing, or even a slow hike. Use this new year as a kickstart to your fitness goals


3. Attempt something new

Thought of trying a new hobby but never had the time to? This is your chance to try it. Like the familiar slogan we all know by heart, JUST DO IT!


4. Find time to relax

2021 has been a tough year for everyone - both mentally and physically. Having to cope with the drastic changes of COVID-19 and keeping up with the restrictions is definitely not easy. Find some time to chill and have fun!


5. Journal

Decide what you want to achieve every day, no matter how small it is - it can even be drinking 8 cups of water. Pen out your thoughts and things you are grateful for. It'll help you to have a more positive outlook in life, allowing you to achieve greater things in the long run.


6. Pamper your skin

Sometimes life gets so so so busy that we barely have time to relax. Make it a point to unwind and treat your skin with its much needed nutrients. Give your skin some TLC, and who knows? You might be glowing in 2022!


Editor's note: Sigiskin wishes you a happy year ahead. Thank you for your continuous support the past year, we are beyond grateful for all the love we've received. Cheers to healthy and happy skin! #yourskinshappyplace 



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