Stress and impact on our skin

Stress and impact on our skin

Hi there, stressed out reader! 

If you are currently undergoing a state of uncertainty, anxiety and worry, it is inevitable that you will feel immense pressure. 

However, you are not alone! 

Like you, many of us are living day by day, task by task, especially in this fast-paced country we call Singapore, and it is absolutely ok to put yourself first before all else! 

You are one whole, and if you are feeling stressed out, your skin feels the same! 

So, let’s delve into how your intense emotions play a part in affecting your skin:

What happens to your skin when you are stressed? 

When you feel stressed, your body produces cortisol, a hormone that increases your heart rate and pressure, at the same time stimulating release of sebum from glands.  

Excessive sebum production will lead to clogged pores, eventually causing breakouts. Stress hormones also cause an increase in inflammation and oxidative stress, which also leads to acne breakouts and slower healing of wounds.  

Additionally, anxiety causes an accelerated rate of  loss of collagen in your skin due to structural changes to proteins that reduces its elasticity. Coupled with the rubbing of temples and furrowing of brows, these tugging movements will lead to formation of fine lines and wrinkles (we’re sorry if we are further exacerbating your stress). 

Hyperpigmentation can also occur due to a secretion of another hormone called Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) which is triggered due to stress, causing another change in your skin. 

Other impacts include red, dry, and sensitive skin, as well as being more susceptible to UV damage as a result of higher stress levels.

What you could do for your stressed out skin

  1. Start by ensuring the rate of collagen breakdown does not accelerate further! 

    Ingredients like Ginger and Reishi Mushroom (Lingzhi)) are great for slowing down the breakdown of collagen and fading appearance of scars, at the same time containing natural super potent antioxidants and anti-ageing properties that prevent premature ageing!

    Try: Youth Beam - The above superfood can be found in Youth Beam, an anti-ageing night serum that repairs and nourishes your skin while you sleep, and contains a unique blend or pre, pro, and post biotics that repairs, nourishes and calms your stressed out skin while you sleep!

  2. Once you slow the rate of collagen breakdown, it's time to build it up! 

    Look for ingredients such as Bakuchiol, Purslane or Niacinamide which helps boost collagen and reduce fine lines, repair cells and reduce appearance of wrinkles, as well as improve complexion and reduce hyperpigmentation, respectively. 

    Try: Dream Capsule - All 3 superb ingredients can be found in Dream Capsule, a powerful night sleeping mask that requires no rinse off, and makes you look like you had 12 hours of beauty sleep the next morning! 

  3. Don’t forget sunscreen! 

    Opt for a physical sunscreen as the last step of your morning skincare routine, to ensure you are always protected from harmful UV rays that lead to free radicals and eventually wrinkles as well as hyperpigmentation! 

    Try: Morning Glow - A physical sunscreen that is strong deflector of harmful sun rays with an SPF of 50 and PA ++++, yet extremely gentle and hydrating on the skin - if you have an oily skin type, you can skip moisturiser and just use Morning Glow alone! 

Remember to take a break

Aside from relieving your skin from stress, you should also have plenty of rest to rejuvenate yourself! 

Try therapeutic solutions like journaling and yoga to help you keep your stress levels in check and have a clearer mind, or putting time aside to unwind from the busy lives we all lead. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help if you are in need of someone to talk to! 

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