Struggling with acne? Here are some tips:

Struggling with acne? Here are some tips:

Are these pesky acne here to stay? If you are finding yourself struggling with acne, here are some helpful pointers that may help you with your journey. Remember that acne is not something to be afraid of and that you are not alone! It takes time to heal but we promise everything gets better with the right products and methods.

What is acne? 

Acne is usually categorised into 3 different terminologies - regular, hormonal and cystic. 

Regular acne refers to small red pimples that are usually accompanied with white and black heads, but usually clears up within a day or two and disappears fairly quickly. They are usually caused by clogged pores and build up of dead skin cells that are not removed.

Hormonal acne occurs when your hormones fluctuate throughout your menstrual cycle. Right before your period, oestrogen and progesterone levels drop which triggers secretion of more sebum, that result in clogged pores and breakouts. Hormones can also increase skin inflammation and the production of acne-causing bacteria, hence resulting in these pesky little bumps!

Cystic acne on the other hand, are deep, painful and red lumps or bumps, and are usually larger than regular pimples. Although they are also caused by clogged pores and excess sebum, they can cause swelling and inflammation that occurs deep under the skin as stubborn nodules. They are often pus-filled and can last for months. Cystic acne is usually trickier to treat and more difficult to get rid of, where dermatologists usually have to assess them more closely. 

Habits to inculcate

When it comes to acne, there are some habits to incorporate in your routine that can help clear up your skin quickly and to help in wound and inflammation healing. 

#1 Exfoliate

Firstly, Exfoliate regularly - removal of dead skin cells is key to keeping acne at bay as it ensures the surface of your skin stays clean and helps with skin cell renewal. Bright Skies is a gentle gel exfoliator that helps to remove dead skin cells effectively and deeply exfoliate your skin without use of micro beads and harsh abrasions! 10/10 will recommend.

#2 Put on a clay mask 

Next, unclogging your pores is also a key factor in ensuring acne does not come back! After an exfoliation session, using a clay mask can also help immensely in preventing acne, as it extracts trapped dirt and detoxifies your skin to ensure a clean canvas to work with! Garden Party Deep Cleansing Clay Mask helps to deeply detoxify and clear gunk from pores, absorb excess oil without stripping your skin of much-needed moisture, as well as soothe and calm sensitised skin. It also has anti-acne properties!

#3 Incorporate serums

What your skin needs next during your period is also to put on a serum that can help ensure your skin is less sensitive over time, and to make sure it is still well-hydrated. Youth Beam Anti-ageing Night Serum contains pre, pro, and postbiotics that helps ensure your skin’s microbiome is self-resilient overtime and strengthens skin barrier. It also contains cica that help target acne concerns and fight them on your behalf!

#4 Hydrate

For the AM where you need to slather on a good moisturiser, try a lightweight one that can help calm redness and acne, all the while still supplying moisture to your skin and prevent it from further drying out and causing inflammation. Idyllic Fields Daytime Moisturiser contains 71.9% oats that provides instant relief to acne, redness and inflammation while drawing water into your skin and preventing moisture from evaporating, thus keeping your skin hydrated for longer! 


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