#supportlocal Music with Sigi Skin!

#supportlocal Music with Sigi Skin!

As a local brand, Sigi Skin would like to show our support for local music too!

To show our appreciation for the local music industry, we have created a "#supportlocal 65" playlist on our Spotify account and have featured some of our favourite songs by local musicians in Singapore. Here's a link to the playlist:

Our curated playlist features 28 songs by 24 artistes including the likes of Axel Brizzy, Syed Azmir, Lew Loh, Alyssa Lie, Dominic Chin and Gabrielle Romauli, among others. 


Being a proudly homegrown brand, Sigi Skin wants to play a part in holistically supporting our fellow musicians in the local industry.

We are committed to empowering these musicians with a straightforward yet effective skincare routine to strive to be the strongest expression of themselves.

This aligns with Sigi Skin’s core value –beauty goes far beyond skin-deep. It is in fact a form of self-love and pampering. And happy skin is healthy skin.

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