Take care of your neck, too

Take care of your neck, too

Your neck is typically the first area to show signs of aging! This is because the skin around our neck is thinner and more delicate, as it has lesser sebaceous glands which means it produces less oil. 

It is as delicate as our eyes!

Which is why you should not be rough with your neck (same rules apply to your eyes) and to be consistent with your skincare. 

Reduce neck lines

Due to the constant bending of the neck to look at our smart devices, it causes fine lines and wrinkles to form and deepen, as the skin there becomes is consistently creased. Try to pay attention to the angle you're looking at your screens to decrease neck lines. 

Don't forget skincare

Treat your neck as an extension of your face, and treat it no different! Which means to also apply skincare to your neck. With lesser sebaceous glands there, it lacks moisture. Keeping the neck well moisturised and plump will help decrease the appearance of fine lines!

Be gentle

The neck on your skin are as fragile as the skin around our eyes. When applying skincare, keep your motions light and gentle and always sweep the skin upwards never down. Sweeping it downwards can cause the skin to pull or stretch, causing it to sag. 


You don’t need a whole new routine for your neck, so there are no excuses!

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