The benefits of Zinc Oxide present in your Sunscreen

The benefits of Zinc Oxide present in your Sunscreen

According to Dr Nina Desai, Board-Certified Dermatologist, "One of the most effective sunscreen ingredients that's universally tolerated across all skin types and tones is zinc oxide. It blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays, and is both photostable and water-resistant, so it won’t break down in the sun or in water.”

What exactly is Zinc Oxide? It is a widely used ingredient in physical sunscreens as it sits on the skin's surface and deflects the harmful UVA UVB rays, which provides instant protection against sun damage. Zinc Oxide is one of the only 2 FDA-approved mineral sunscreen ingredients, the other being titanium dioxide. There is less possibility for skin irritation and inflammation as the sunscreen only lays on the surface of the skin. Hence, mineral sunscreen like Morning Glow, is the go-to choice for irritated and sensitive skin.

Furthermore, Zinc Oxide has one of the "broadest UVA coverages of all sunscreen ingredients available right now, plus UVB coverage". We strongly recommend using Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen that has SPF50 and also contains Zinc Oxide for high-factor sun protection!

As Zinc Oxide is an excellent anti-inflammatory property, people with sensitive skin or more serious skin conditions like eczema will love Morning Glow. It will not clog pores or cause skin congestion, making it even better for people with oily or acne-prone skin.

Give our newly relaunched Morning Glow a shot - featuring a new pump mechanism, it has a wider opening to allow the cream texture of the sunscreen to pump out smoothly and now it comes with a locked pump (so the pump can't be removed) this ensures that it is really air-tight for the pump to work properly. This improved packaging will dispense Morning Glow properly without splattering or difficulty. Furthermore, we have noticed that sunscreens tend to pill after wearing a mask - this is due to the moist environment of the mask (due to our breathing) and repetitive rubbing when putting on and taking off a mask. To prevent Morning Glow from pilling, we have reduced our Niacinamide to 2%. This will also allow customers who previously are new to niacinamide to use the product without worries. At 2%, it is still effective to help blemishes fade more quickly. In place, we have added Hyaluronic acid which helps to reduce redness and acne scarring.

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