The importance of cleansing

The importance of cleansing

The most basic and essential step of any skincare routine - cleansing. With the increasing amount of cosmetics and skincare products used, it is important to thoroughly remove traces of makeup and sunscreen daily. Many are too lazy to cleanse and remove their makeup, so they opt for a quick rinse in the shower - hoping the makeup, dirt and sunscreen to be gone. However, that surely will not cut it! Taking the time to thoroughly cleanse will definitely lead to visible improvements overtime. 

Why is cleansing your skin so important?

- Increases effectiveness of other skincare products that you will be layering on 

By providing a clean base to work with, it makes it easier for skincare products to be better absorbed into the skin. Without proper cleansing, there will be a layer of dirt and sweat over your skin. This makes your skin less receptive to exfoliation, serums, moisturizers etc. 


- Enhances skin hydration

Cleansing your face regularly helps in boosting hydration levels of your skin. It helps to manage your skin's PH levels, allowing ample amount of water, moisture and product retention. Dehydrated skin will look dull, rough and aged overtime. 


- Maintain clear skin 

If there is excessive oil and sebum on the skin, it will lead to residual build up. This might cause pores to be enlarged, which leads to follicle blockage and sebum overproduction. 

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