The importance of skin microbiome

The importance of skin microbiome

Your skin's microbiome constitutes an intricate ecosystem of bacteria residing on its surface. This ecosystem functions as a protective shield against potential pathogens that might compromise both your skin and overall well-being. When this microbiome maintains a state of equilibrium, your skin exudes a healthy appearance and sensation. Yet, this equilibrium can be disrupted when the balance tips in favour of harmful bacteria over beneficial ones, often resulting in conditions such as dryness and itching.

It comes as no surprise that looking good corresponds with feeling good. Beyond merely enhancing appearance, a robust skin barrier plays a pivotal role in shielding against external intruders, simultaneously safeguarding against moisture loss to maintain the skin's suppleness and hydration. Yet, when the skin's protective barrier falters and the delicate balance of the microbiome is disrupted, a cascade of potential issues can ensue.

Ordinarily, for a healthy adult, the skin microbiome retains its stability over time, resilient even in the face of shifting environmental conditions, pollution, sun exposure, and minor abrasions. Nevertheless, there exists the possibility of the barrier's integrity being compromised, leading to a disturbance in its natural equilibrium.

To preempt this, consider incorporating skincare products infused with a biotic blend into your routine. Biotics are featured in two of our products – the Youth Beam Anti-aging Night Serum and the Tea-Tox Sheet Mask. Our Youth Beam boasts a trio of biotics – prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics – which collectively contribute to fortifying your skin's microbiome, making it naturally resilient and less susceptible to sensitivity over time. On the other hand, our Tea-Tox Sheet Mask contains a substantial 20% concentration of Lactobacillus Ferment (Probiotics), aimed at bolstering the skin's innate defence against sensitivity. This results in immediate relief and gradual reduction of redness over time. Additionally, its potent soothing properties effectively calm irritated and sensitised skin.

By understanding and nurturing the symbiotic relationship between our skin's microbiome, barrier, and the power of biotics, we empower ourselves to cultivate healthier, more radiant skin, enhancing both our physical appearance and our sense of well-being.

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