Things your skin does at night

Things your skin does at night

Have you ever wondered what your skin does while you are sleeping? 

The skin is an organ, with its own set of systems and procedures that it must follow on a daily basis. Science has repeatedly demonstrated that while we sleep, our bodies go into repair mode, repairing damage from the day. Thus, at Sigi Skin, formulations of different sets of moisturisers are created to target the needs of the skin throughout the day. Hence, if you are looking for a night time moisturiser that nourishes your skin throughout the night, Sigi Skin’s Dream Capsule is the one you are looking for. 

The Dream Capsule contains anti-oxidant ingredients such as Bakuchiol which helps with tightening and repairing your skin while you sleep. The Dream Capsule also has ageing ingredients such as Purslane which stimulates collagen production and cell repair to improve your skin's appearance of scars and fine lines.


Our skin naturally exfoliates at night. That's right, it generates new skin cells and then sloughs off the old ones on its own. Our natural exfoliation process is what maintains our skin appearing radiant, protects our pores from being blocked, and allows new skin cells to enter. Thus, by using the Dream Capsule, ingredients such as Purslane present in the overnight mask will stimulate collagen production and repair the cells in our skin. This will improve the appearance of our skin by reducing scars and fine lines. 

Skin is more receptive to certain skincare products

When you're in rejuvenation mode at night, anti-ageing elements will have the most impact. That explains why sleeping face masks, night serums and nocturnal beauty products are so popular. Thus, by using the Dream Capsule, ingredients such as Bakuchiol present in this anti-oxidant smoothie will tackle acne and skin-ageing. 

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