Tips on getting the most out of your sheet mask

Tips on getting the most out of your sheet mask

We all look forward to some relaxing skincare time - and chances are you think about putting on a sheet mask to deeply nourish your skin. Obviously everyone wants their skincare to work, so here are some simple tips to level up your sheet mask game and make the most out of it!

Tip 1: Make sure the sheet mask is hugging your face structure nicely. 

Don’t just slap the sheet mask on your face and leave it there! Spend an extra minute adjusting the fabric so that it is in contact with all areas of your skin. Depending on your face structure, you might want to make a few small folds here and there (especially around the jawline) to ensure that the fabric holds its shape. This will maximise the area of your skin drinking up the sheet mask liquid - it also just feels more comfortable!

Tip 2: Squeeze out the extra liquid from the sheet mask packet. 

Who would say no to extra nourishment? Most sheet mask packets come packed with high amounts of liquid, such as Sigi Skin’s Tea-Tox sheet mask, which contains 27ml! Don’t let the excess liquid go to waste. To avoid spilling, fold the packet vertically in half and squeeze out all the liquid into your palm. You can then dab the liquid onto the sheet mask, focusing on areas of your face that need more care, such as your forehead or your cheeks.

If you feel that this makes your sheet mask too drippy, here’s another tip: you can keep the liquid inside the sheet mask packet, and throw in a few cotton pads to absorb the excess liquid. Clip the packet and keep it (in the fridge if you’d like), then use the soaked cotton pads as a quick toner pad another day! Now you technically have two masks from one packet ;)

Tip 3: Don’t leave the sheet mask on for too long.

It may feel intuitive to bleed the sheet mask dry, but while sheet masks act as a medium to help your skin absorb large amounts of nourishment in one go, you should never leave the mask on for more than the recommended time as stated on the packaging. This is because your skin gradually becomes the more hydrated side of the sheet mask, and if you leave it on for too long, the sheet mask actually starts to suck the hydration out of your pores again. The general rule of thumb is to use a sheet mask for 15~20 minutes. 

Tip 4: Don’t wash your face after taking off the sheet mask.

Unlike clay masks, sheet masks are not meant to be washed off after usage. Your skin may feel wet or sticky for a few minutes after taking off the sheet mask, but that is just some extra liquid yet to be absorbed, so let your skin do its work! You can also pat the liquid into your skin like you would do with a toner.

Did you learn something from this? We’re always here to help you on your skincare journey <3

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