Try this if you have dry skin!

Try this if you have dry skin!

The Moisture Sandwich.

It is basically to sandwich your skincare products between layers of moisture. This will help boost the moisture levels in your skin, and even help your skincare work and penetrate deeper into your skin. 


It actually works!

If you didn't already know, applying products on damp skin works better than on dry skin. This is because our skin absorbs product better when it is damp. 

You can think of your skin like a sponge. A dry sponge does not absorb much liquid, but a damp (not wet) sponge can absorb and retain more liquid! By applying this concept to your skin, damp skin will be able to absorb skincare better.

However, not that damp skin does not mean dripping wet skin. It means that your skin is moist but not fully dry. 

So, adding layers of moisture in between each product can maximise your skincare's efficacy, because your skin drinks it all up.

The Moisture Sandwich is not only for dry or dehydrated skin, but for all skin types!

Achieve damp skin with Dew Potion!

Dew Potion is our essence mist packed with antioxidants. This waterless formula does not dry the skin and is able to retain moisture well even in extremely dry conditions.

After cleansing,

  1. Gently pat dry
  2. Spritz 2 pumps of Dew Potion all over face
  3. Pat essence into skin
  4. Apply serum
  5. Spritz again and pat essence in
  6. Apply moisturiser 
  7. Spritz again and pat essence in
  8. Apply facial oil 

The thin layer of moisture barely adds any weight to your routine, but it does so much. 

Try it to feel the difference! 💕

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