Uneven skin tone and how to treat it

Uneven skin tone and how to treat it

What is uneven skin tone and what causes it? 

Uneven skin tone refers to dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and even dull, dry patches that are begging for your attention. To put it broadly, uneven skin tone is a result of skin discolourations and changes in skin texture such as the appearance of small bumps and onset of fine lines and wrinkles. They can also include redness and inflamed skin, and can be experienced by anyone regardless of age, gender and skin type. 

Some root causes that give rise to unevenness of skin include:

  • Acne and breakouts - caused by excess sebum production and potentially clogged pores, pimples can cause skin to become inflamed, red and angry.
  • Eczema - causes inflamed, red, dry and itchy patches that can be frustrating to deal with
  • Rosacea - has red bumps that are sometimes pus-filled and stubborn to get rid of
  • Acne marks (can be raised or as a depression) - also known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation as a result of squeezing acne and disrupting the healing process 
  • Hyperpigmentation - result of sun exposure and sunburns 
  • Ageing - although a natural process, one can expect to see fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation 
  • Lack of sleep - results in collagen loss and sunken skin, as well as small pimple-like bumps that may appear due to irregular sleep schedule

How to treat uneven skin tone

#1 Exfoliate 

The first thing to do on the list is to exfoliate away! Exfoliation should occur 2-3 times a week to increase skin cell turnover and to remove layers of dead skin cells. By doing so, it can increase the take up rate of subsequent hydrating products and to see results of smoother skin quicker. Bright Skies Peeling Gel Exfoliator contains multiple superfoods like goji berries, pumpkin, and spinach extracts that work together to reduce hyperpigmentation, boost collagen, reverse UV damage, and reduce dark eye circles for a more even appearance. 

#2 Use a vitamin c serum

Vitamin C serums like Daylight Oasis work hard to brighten complexion and smoothens out bumpy skin texture with consistent use. It can aid in increasing radiancy, lightening up dark spots and hyperpigmentation and firming up the skin for a more youthful and supple look! Say goodbye to uneven patches of discolouration and dull skin! 

#3 Moisturise 

Hydrating products to soothe and calm the skin is crucial to repair and prevent the appearance of rough, uneven skin. We are a strong believer that you should have 2 separate moisturisers for the day and night to address varying skin needs! For the day, your skin needs deep hydration to prevent dull skin and rough, dry patches; whereas for the night, your skin goes into recovery and requires hydrating products that can aid in the repair process to give a smoother complexion. 

For the AM, opt for Idyllic Fields Daytime Moisturiser - A lightweight gel moisturiser that can penetrate the skin to provide deep and long lasting hydration throughout the day. It also balances pH levels and calms inflammation and acne, which reduces breakouts and prevents uneven bumps. 

For the PM, go for Dream Capsule Overnight Sleeping Mask - This can replace your night moisturiser! Although a little bit thicker in consistency as compared to Idyllic Fields, Dream Capsule is still lightweight with its air whipped texture that ensures it locks in all moisture throughout the night when you sleep! Wake up the next morning with smooth, soft and supple skin!   

#4 SPF

Sunscreen is a go-to when trying to prevent hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines! Prolonged exposure under the sun can result in premature ageing, and give you dark spots that can aggravate the unevenness in texture and skin tone. 

Opt got a physical sunscreen like Morning Glow, especially if you have sensitive skin, as it can effectively filter out harmful sun rays and prevent ageing dark spots! 

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