Multitasking products

Multitasking products

Did you know that Sigi Skin products are multi-tasking and target multiple skin concerns that are not limited to the face? We strive to provide skincare that is fuss-free and easy to use, while at the same time able to target many issues at once so as to compress the number of steps needed - all these while still able to achieve skin as clear as day! Here are some examples: 

#1 Dew Potion Waterless Essence Mist 

We formulated Dew Potion with individuals with eczema skin in mind. We understand the frustration faced, with constant itchy, dry, flaky and at times, inflamed skin, and wanted to create something hydrating while still being able to relieve these symptoms. With zero water included to prevent further drying out of the skin, Dew Potion contains a bulk of chamomile extracts aimed to calm skin inflammation almost instantly and alleviate itching. Dew Potion can also replace steroid creams, removing the reliance of it that can further harm your skin in the long run. Use Dew Potion on your face and on your body, or anywhere with eczema or dry patches! 

#2 Bright Skies Peeling Gel Exfoliator 

We all love a good exfoliator, especially one that does not contain harsh abrasions or scrubs that can damage your skin. This is perfectly describing Bright Skies, our physical peeling gel exfoliator that is safe to use even on the most sensitive of skins. It’s main purpose is to slough away dead skin cells on the face, neck and even gentle enough to use around the eyes. Bright Skies also encourages skin cell turnover and gives rise to a brighter complexion. Hence, it works equally well on the lips as well, especially if you are struggling with constant flaky lips! Bright Skies help remove these dead skin cells and you can see softer, smoother lips immediately. 

#3 Gentle Gaze Eye Cream

Eye creams in the market usually target ageing concerns and to give a more lifted appearance. With Gentle Gaze, you can use it not only around your eye area, but also on the nose regions, laugh lines and neck, or where you find wrinkles and fine lines you would like to eradicate. The metal built-in tip applicator also greatly helps with this as well as it is convenient and easy to use anywhere and everywhere. Another tip you may benefit from is to use Gentle Gaze on your lips as well! Much like a hydrating lip balm, Gentle Gaze can target dry lips and even reduce the appearance of deep set lines as well! 

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