Ways to use Dew Potion

Ways to use Dew Potion

Dew Potion is an essence mist packed with antioxidants, such as chamomile flower, aqua 3g, maqui berry, glycerin and licorice. This unique formula is waterless and made up of 100% extracts!

55% Chamomile Extracts - Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory - great for sensitive and acne-prone skin types, and rich in antioxidants 

3% Maqui Berry - effectively reduces photoaging and collagen loss.

27% Aqua 3G - Regulates water content and trans-epidermal water loss: reducing skin dryness and slowing aging.

Ways to use it: 

1. Use it as a toner or an essence 

After clean skin, spritz Dew Potion all over your face and pat it into your skin. As it is 100% waterless, your skin gets the maximum benefits it deserves! This would also help your skin absorb other skincare products better.

2. Use as a mid-day pick-me-up spray

Our skin can get dry, itchy, or irritated when we're in an air-conditioned period for a long period of time. Dew Potion is perfect for bringing moisture back into your skin! The chamomile extracts will help soothe and restore irritated skin.

3. Use it to prevent against mask-ne 

These days, mask-wearing is unavoidable, but you can totally avoid mask-ne! On top of changing out your face mask regularly, you can spray the insides of your mask with Dew Potion. Thanks to its anti-bacterial and skin calming properties, it reduces chances of inflammation and irritation.

Add this multi-functional essence mist to your routine today!


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