Sigi Skin is a 100% vegan!

Sigi Skin is a 100% vegan!

As of 1 February 2021, Sigi Skin will no longer be using any animal ingredients or animal derived ingredients in our line of products. 

This includes popular skincare ingredients such as honey, beeswax and collagen.

At Sigi Skin, our decision to go 100% vegan is simple: it's friendlier to your skin and friendlier to the environment.

This allows Sigi Skin to not only effectively transport your skin to its happy place, but also help protect the planet by reducing its personal impact on the environment.

Our purchase and usage matters. 

Opting for vegan beauty products can be rewarding choice and will have a gradual, but significant, impact.

Your singular purchase might seem small in the bigger picture, but impact slowly grows.

Let’s say you replace your cleanser with a vegan product, and you purchase 4 in a year.

In two years, you would have made 8 conscious purchases and zero animals were harmed!

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