What causes clogged pores?

What causes clogged pores?

First of all, what are pores?

Pores are the tiny openings on the middle layer of our skin, where the sebum (our body’s natural oils) is released to the surface to help naturally moisturise our skin. 

There are also sweat glands that produce sweat. It regulates body temperature and removes waste by omitting salt and water from our body to the surface of the skin when we sweat.


There are 3 main culprits of clogged pores.

Excess oil, Dead skin cells, and Over-cleansing

Excess oil and dead skin will begin to accumulate on the skin's surface,

this buildup then becomes stuck beneath the surface, causing a clogged pore.


How to reduce clogged pores?

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!

Cleansing is a daily essential. It gets rid of all the nasties so you can start your skincare on clean skin.

Kaleanser is able to remove makeup, sunscreen, dirt and pore-clogging oil without over-cleansing your skin. 

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