What Happens to your Skin During a Flight? (+ Tips to Combat Them!)

What Happens to your Skin During a Flight? (+ Tips to Combat Them!)

Travelling to places can be very fun, but the plane journey to get there? Sometimes not so fun. Have you ever stepped out of a long-haul flight feeling groggy? It is normal, because travelling on airplanes does impact your skin! Curious to find out more? Keep reading on.

  • Your skin would feel really dehydrated. 
  • The recycled air on board is really dry and this will cause your skin to feel the lack of moisture and leaving it feeling very dry. To combat this issue, our Dew Potion face mist would be the perfect solution! The Aqua 3G in the mist makes the formula refreshing and hydrating, bringing moisture to the skin.

  • Prone to UV rays
  • In the airplane, as you fly towards a higher altitude, you will be getting closer to the ozone layer, posing a greater risk of exposing yourself to the UV rays. But this shouldn’t stop you from travelling! An easy solution for this is to simply put on sunblock before you travel on the airplane. You can check out our Morning Glow Sunscreen that is all-vegan and made with natural ingredients, what’s more, it leaves no residue and no greasy film on your skin once applied - so you can stay looking glam on your flight.

  • Dullness of skin
  • When flying at high altitudes, there is a lesser blood flow to the skin. This gets rid of the ‘glow’ that your skin might otherwise have, leaving it looking plain and dull. Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself and try to get some light stretching sometime in between your flight to get your blood flowing - and get your glow back on and also prevent cramping of muscles.

  • Travel Acne
  • The change in cabin pressure and the low humidity could serve as a reason for breakout while travelling - and dampen your dreams of taking the perfect instagram worthy vacay selfie. That’s okay, at Sigi Skin, we got you covered. We have a perfect travel size The Miniscomprising of our Morning Glow Sunscreen and the Kaleanser Face Wash - that makes it the perfect companion for your travel adventures, to cleanse your skin from the grime and toxins and protect it from pollutants and the harmful UV rays. With ‘The Minis’, you don’t have to worry about that pesky travel acne!

    Hope these tips help you have a smooth skin for your smooth travel journey!


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