What is and when to use Youth Beam and Dream Capsule?

What is and when to use Youth Beam and Dream Capsule?

Youth Beam

Did you know we have a serum? Youth Beam Anti-Ageing Night Serum is the only one you need as it targets skin concerns such as skin dullness, dryness and visible dark spots as well as signs of ageing. Wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation is part of the ageing process, and shouldn’t be feared! Ginger may be something many dislike when served on your dinner plate, but your skin loves it to bits! Youth Beam has ginger extracts that slows collagen breakdown and reduces the appearance of scarring, making the natural super anti-ageing addition. What’s more, pine bark extracts can also be found, which improves elasticity of skin and restores its plump appearance while reducing fine lines! 

With a unique and rare blend of pre, post and probiotics as well as cica, Youth Beam can also ensure skin resilience and quick healing of acne, giving rise to stronger, clearer skin.

Youth Beam can be used when your skin feels dull, flaky, dry, experiencing breakouts, and when it craves instantaneous moisture! Youth Beam can provide you with just what it needs.

Dream Capsule

Dream Capsule Overnight Sleeping Mask differs from Youth Beam as it is an overnight sleeping mask! It has a light, air-whipped texture, with a pretty lilac formula that will make you fall in love for sure! 

Dream Capsule can be a myriad of things, an overnight mask, a night moisturiser, and even a 100% retinol alternative with its addition of Bakuchiol! 

As compared to Youth Beam, Dream Capsule works on reversing radical damage accumulated during the day, such as via pollution and harmful UV rays that can damage the skin. It also packs a more powerful punch in terms of hydration, and can even seal everything in to prevent moisture loss throughout the night when used as the last step of your routine. 

Dream Capsule can also calm redness, inflammation, and iron out fine lines and wrinkles, while encouraging the production of collagen! Say hello to bouncy, youthful skin!

Use Dream Capsule when your skin is calling out for a deep desire to quench its thirst, when you spot hyperpigmentation that you wish to lighten, and when skin is inflamed. 

P.S. It is also 100% pregnancy and nursing safe! 

Use them together 

To see the best anti-ageing results, use both Youth Beam and Dream Capsule together for the ultimate (not so) secret to supple and brighter looking skin! 

Both fit together perfectly like two puzzle pieces and form the greater picture of a well-hydrated and reverse-the-clock appearance! 

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