What is Aqua 3G?

What is Aqua 3G?

Some people find it hard to believe when we say that our Dew Potion Essence Mist is completely water-free. They point at the ingredient list, saying “look, it says Aqua 3G, doesn’t that mean there’s water in it?”

Today we’re here to take you on a deep dive (no pun intended) into Aqua 3G, a relatively new skincare ingredient that is derived from algae. Also known as glyceryl-glucoside, the moisturising agent is created by cross reacting glycerin with glucose, resulting in a molecule that is able to instantly hydrate the skin. Glyceryl-glucoside is also known to increase skin elasticity while reducing feelings of skin irritation. 

We truly meant it when we said we have a skincare product that can instantly (re)hydrate your skin without using a single drop of water. Dew Potion Essence Mist contains 55% chamomile extract, which helps calm down any skin flare-ups, as well as Aqua 3G and Maqui Berry extracts. In particular, Maqui Berry extracts are known to have antioxidant properties, protecting your skin cells from damage. In other words, our Dew Potion is not just a hydrating mist, but also a skin protectant against environmental stressors!

Next time your skin feels the thirst, take out your Dew Potion and give yourself a good spray. The adorable pink bottle is also very portable and travel-friendly, making Dew Potion your ideal day-to-day skincare companion. Try it out today and tag us in your next travel post featuring Dew Potion!

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