What is skin cycling?

What is skin cycling?

This term may not be unfamiliar to you, considering that it has been a trend on TikTok especially since last year’s end. Skin cycling is essentially allowing your skin to rest and repair by going through a repeated cycle of 4 days. This is especially useful for when we are always slathering on layers and layers of active products and ingredients, which may result in preventing regeneration of your skin. Hence, following this 4 day schedule may greatly improve the efficacy of your skincare while reducing skin sensitivity. In addition, if you are someone who is experiencing unevenness in skin tone or has acne-prone skin, skin cycling may just be the regimen that you need! 

Essential step: Washing your face

Cleansing your face everyday before you dive into your skin cycling regimen is as important as having 3 meals a day. It ensures that you have a fresh, clean canvas to work with, and that your pores are clean and ready for full absorption of the skincare treatment ahead. 

Always opt for a gentle face wash like Kaleanser that has a gel-like consistency aimed to reduce further irritation to sensitised and red skin, while at the same time, does a great job at removing dirt and detoxifying pores.

Night 1: Exfoliation 

Exfoliating can help remove build up of dead skin cells and excess sebum that can lead to persistent acne and breakouts. If you have not been exfoliating on a regular basis, going into a skin cycling routine can help inculcate a good habit! Exfoliation can also help to increase skin cell turnover rate and increase the efficacy of your skincare products to follow later on as it removes that barrier of dirt that may be blocking absorption of all the goodies! We will always recommend going for a gentle exfoliator such as Bright Skies Peeling Gel Exfoliator that contains zero harsh abrasions to prevent micro tears in the skin! Bright Skies also helps with an instant brightening effect and has the ability to clear up acne as well - perfect for even the most sensitive skin! 

Night 2: Retinol alternative - Bakuchiol

The original skin cycling regimen consists of using retinol on night 2 to target more specific skin concerns. But what if you are currently expecting, nursing, or if you have really sensitive and dry skin? Bakuchiol is the solution for that! Being 100% pregnancy and nursing safe, this magic ingredient helps to give the same anti-ageing benefits as retinol, but without the side effects of increased sensitivity. Similarly, Bakuchiol can help address skin concerns by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, while giving your skin a plump, supple texture the next day. 

As commonly seen in most skin cycling tutorials, moisturiser should follow up next after your retinol. However, our Dream Capsule Overnight Sleeping Mask contains both Bakuchiol and all the goodies needed to thoroughly hydrate your skin while you sleep! This multi-tasking Dream Capsule can therefore replace both the retinol step and your moisturiser, with just 1 product. 

Nights 3 & 4 Recovery

After targeting all the skin concerns on Night 1 and 2, it is now time for your skin to go into recovery and healing on the subsequent nights after. During the next two days, avoid using active ingredients, especially those that are potentially irritating to your own skin. Place all your focus on putting back moisture and nourishing your skin! 

Similarly like Nights 1 and 2, remember to cleanse your face with Kaleanser before you delve into your moisturisers. To fully bring back your skin’s original youthful glow, we recommend using Youth Beam Anti-Ageing Night Serum, formulated to help repair and strengthen the skin barrier and make it more resilient over time. Youth Beam also instantly provides hydration relief, while still able to turn back the clock and reduce signs of ageing such as lightening of hyperpigmentation, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Did we also mention it is super lightweight and fast absorbing? Youth Beam is definitely your go-to to end off the skin cycling schedule! 

Now that you have all the information you need to start on your skin cycling regimen, go get that glow back!

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