What's in Idyllic Fields: Troxerutin

What's in Idyllic Fields: Troxerutin

Troxerutin: A powerful plant-derived active ingredient from the Japanese Pagoda Tree.

It is a high-cost skincare ingredient that does wonders to the skin and is not often used in skincare. Though expensive, we incorporated it into Idyllic Fields, as we only want the best for your skin!

Key Benefits:

  • Inhibits skin inflammation and skin irritation
  • Helps firm the skin
  • Relieves skin’s dryness
  • Help to relieve skin irritation by 68%
  • Strengthens and protects your skin against free radical damage

Fun fact: The baby-yellow shade of Idyllic Fields comes from Troxerutin!

We had planned to launch Idyllic Fields and Tea-Tox together last October. But the production of Idyllic Fields was delayed as it was difficult for us to get our hands on Troxerutin amidst this pandemic!  

We hope you and your skin will enjoy Idyllic Fields. 💚 

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