Why a probiotics sheet mask? Discover why we created Tea-Tox!

Why a probiotics sheet mask?  Discover why we created Tea-Tox!

Two years ago, when we sat down with our formulators to discuss about creating a sheet mask, we knew we always wanted something different from the masks that were already readily available.

Most of the masks available in the market had a singular function, such as instant hydration, brightening or soothing. Nothing wrong with that, we just wanted something different and a mask that will do more and work hard for our skin.

We wanted our sheet mask to be a treatment of some sort, that would really benefit our skin health in the long term.

This was what we envisioned Tea-Tox to be at the beginning.

It took us 2 years, and we are so proud to finally share Tea-Tox with you guys. Tea-Tox is formulated with 20% probiotics, kombucha, cold pressed yuzu extracts and galactomyces ferment filtrate (fermented sake).

As Tea-Tox is a sheet mask, we incorporated a high probiotics content as we wanted the results to be felt immediately after one use.

We have since received lots of glowing reviews after our launch, that it really helps with skin soothing, itching from eczema as well as mask-ne issues.

After using Tea-Tox, people felt that their skin was stronger and less sensitive, and we are so glad, as this was what we intended from the start – a game changer sheet mask

Try Tea-Tox today for healthier, stronger skin!



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