Why are Sigi Skin products all travel friendly

Why are Sigi Skin products all travel friendly

Have you been an avid fan of Sigi Skin? Have you just come across our skincare? Either way, we have something for everyone, whether regular or new, young or mature, and beginner or professional! 

Travelling overseas might be an adventure to look forward to, but packing can be a headache especially when it comes to skincare. The common question to weigh during this tedious process usually comes in the form of ‘Should I buy my skincare at the destination I am travelling to? ‘How can I fit this odd shaped bottle of serum into my luggage?’. Taking care of your skin should not take a back seat especially when you are forcing your skin into sudden weather changes. Skincare is an important routine that you still need to have when on unfamiliar ground, which is why Sigi Skin products are all about being travel-friendly! 

#1 Compact

Changing your whole skincare routine overnight can cause imbalance on your skin, which results in acne and breakouts as your skin is not used to the new products. If you have noticed, each of our products come in a bottle of 100ml or less, which makes it compact and easy to bring around in your bag, luggage, or carry-on. Our products from Sigi Skin take up minimal space and are designed in a way where it is easy to store with the rest of your toiletries or makeup! No more weird designs and new skincare with instructions of another language you have difficulty understanding! They are also exceptionally easy to use on the go, with convenient built-in fuss free applications such as the metal tip applicator on Gentle Gaze Eye Cream, and the misting spray on Dew Potion Waterless Essence Mist for a quick pick-me-up! 

#2 Leak-proof

Skincare from Sigi Skin is also thoughtfully packaged in airless bottles and tubes, to not only prevent oxidation, but also to ensure that it prevents leakage and a total mess to your clothes and belongings that are stored together in the same bag! This saves a ton of clean up time, and gives you a peace of mind when travelling! 

#3 The Minis 

If you are looking at something even smaller and compact, we have also re-launched The Minis back in May, due to popular demand. The Minis consists of a series of travel skincare essentials that is easy to use, even on the plane - Kaleanser Face Wash, Dream Capsule Overnight Sleeping Mask, and Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen. If your skin is familiar with the above skincare, we suggest sticking to your usual routine with The Minis, without having to bring the full-sized product with your luggage - since you probably would not be able to finish them all in a single trip anyway! 

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