Why do we need Dream Capsule?

Why do we need Dream Capsule?

Why do we need Dream Capsule?

Many would ask, why would we come out with an overnight sleeping mask first instead of all the other skincare must haves?

To us and founder of Sigi Skin, Xenia, an overnight sleeping mask is an essential skincare product in a skincare regime.

Skin is able to best repair and regenerate itself at night, however a lack of sleep and quality sleep would hinder the skin reparation process and accelerate aging. You may not feel or see a difference now, but it is indeed accumulative.


Why should I use an overnight sleeping mask?

Thus with the use of a sleeping mask, it helps boost the process of anti-aging and skin regeneration. Even people with good sleeping habits, can use the help of an overnight sleeping mask to put a pause on ageing.

And also, using an overnight sleeping mask is very hassle free.

No washing off is required, just apply and head straight to bed to achieve dream skin. 

Why Dream Capsule?

Dream Capsule is packed with all the skin goodness that one would need to slow down aging and accelerate cell turnover. It helps with texture, and one would experience brighter and more supple skin the next day. 

Our ingredients are specially sourced and we are happy to say that the concoction of bakuchiol, purslane and squalane in a formulation is very unique and rare, due to the high costs of each ingredient.

More information about the ingredients, can be found at the product listing page here.

We took slightly longer than 2 years to perfect this formula, from sourcing the ingredients, to ensuring that the texture is right.  And we have chosen a twist-turn cap airless packaging to ensure maximum freshness of the products, to keep the actives inside fresh.


How should I use Dream Capsule?

Using Dream Capsule is a very fuss-free and sensorial pleasing experience.

It should be the last step of your night skin care routine - replacing your existing night moisturizer and night cream.

It can be used daily, and it is recommended to use daily as well for best results! 




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