Why should I go cruelty-free?

Why should I go cruelty-free?

Despite its unethical nature, animal-testing is something that is sadly still common practice among many brands. However, there are many reasons to go cruelty-free and here are some of them, along with ways to say NO to animal-cruelty! 

  • Animal testing is extremely cruel.

  • This is something that should go without saying—but in case you are not aware, animal testing can be really cruel on the animals, from the inhumane conditions they put them under and harmful testing methods. It is important to know that this is not the only way of ensuring a product is safe for humans. With today’s technology there are so many alternative methods available. We at Sigi Skin, being animal lovers, ensure that all our products are cruelty-free and vegan—safe for humans and safe for the animals too!  

  • Not only just for the animals, but for humans as well.

  • Majority of cruelty-free products contain non-toxic and natural ingredients that are less likely to harm your skin. Skincare is an investment and this does not just include how expensive or popular a product is, but also what ingredients go into the making of it. We use natural and low-hazard ingredients in all our products; keeping your skin in mind, because we want the best for you. 

  • Need more reason? It also protects the environment.

  • You might be wondering, “What’s animal testing got to do with the environment?”. Well, the facilities used for animal-testing discard tonnes of waste (for eg. the dead animals and the used equipment) in addition to toxic waste, and all of this pollutes the environment. With increasing campaigns spreading awareness about environmental conservation, switching to cruelty-free products can serve as a great way to play your part in doing so.

  • The abundance of cruelty-free products available!

  • “Cruelty-free products are hard to come by though.” said no one ever... The reason is—there are so many of them available! Keep a lookout for the labels, ingredients and cruelty-free logos during your next shopping trip. You can even take a step further and do your own research on the product before purchasing. It only takes less than a minute to be making a whole lot of difference. 

    At Sigi Skin, we make sure that all our products are cruelty-free and vegan, and we are transparent with the ingredients we put in them, so that you know precisely what is going onto your face. The dollar votes you give will make a huge difference, so why not play a part in it? Choose cruelty-free today!


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