Why should you use Vitamin C during the day?

Why should you use Vitamin C during the day?

When it comes to Vitamin C serums there are always two schools of thoughts. Are you Team Daytime or Team Night time? For us, we will definitely recommend using Vitamin C serums in the day for best results! What do we mean by this? Read on to find out more information! 

Vitamin C, when added to your routine, can give you a huge booster in terms of reaping greater skin benefits, mainly helping to reduce dark spots, discolourations, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines, while stimulating an increase in skin elasticity. It can also help increase collagen production and give your skin a smoother, more flawless appearance. With consistent use, Vitamin C serums are also useful in evening out skin tone especially when there are pesky and stubborn dark spots or scarring! 

By itself, Vitamin C is an abundant source of antioxidants that helps prevent premature ageing and brightening of complexion. 

Due to numerous external aggressors that you may face throughout the day, coupled with exposure to the sun’s UV rays, Vitamin C, when applied in the morning, can truly get to work by protecting your skin against pollution and free radicals that can cause dullness and affect its elasticity. It can therefore better protect your skin as opposed to using it at night, although there is no harm in doing so. 

To add, Vitamin C serums should always be followed next by sunscreen. By using them together, Vitamin C serums can help increase the efficacy of sunscreens and increase the protective factor by guarding against UV rays that may escape the first layer of defence. 

If you are searching for one, we are excited to share that we have just launched Daylight Oasis - our very own Vitamin C serum formulated with medical-grade and clinically proven ingredients to give you the very best! Daylight Oasis is an expert in targeting ageing concerns, fading of dark spots, firming of skin, brightening of complexion, and even treating acne! 

Follow up with Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen - This prevents increased skin sensitivity and ensures a higher level of protection when coupled with Daylight Oasis. Morning Glow is a physical sunscreen that is pregnancy and nursing safe with SPF50 and PA++++. 

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