Why your moisturiser is not working

Why your moisturiser is not working

Still experiencing dry, flaky skin despite trying out a dozen moisturisers? Before you feel defeated in this hydration war, we come bearing good news. There are definitely ways to improve the efficiency and performance of our moisturiser, even if you feel that it is not doing its job now! This can help save not only your skin, but also your bank and emotional turmoil. 

There are a few things that explains why your moisturiser feel like it's doing nothing:

#1 Incorrect application 

The first major mistake might not be your moisturiser’s fault at all! The way you apply it also makes a huge difference in terms of seeing real results and improvement. It is important that you do not rub, tug or wipe roughly when trying to get it absorbed into your skin. Moisturisers are not sunscreens and they have very different textures, with the former usually being thinner. If you slather on moisturisers like putting on sunscreen in the morning, it is time to change it up! The correct method is to gently pat your moisturiser in with your palm, where the heat transferred can aid in better absorption into your skin in concentrated areas. Tugging roughly also increases fine lines and wrinkles, which we definitely do not want to see so prematurely! 

We also recommend applying moisturiser immediately after a shower or even better, instantly after washing your face, while it is still damp. This helps to provide even more hydration, and seal everything in nicely. 

#2 You are not exfoliating enough

The buildup of dead skin cells and debris accumulated on the surface of your skin can hinder absorption of skincare as it forms a layer and does not allow your moisturisers to penetrate your skin properly. Exfoliation should be done only 2-3 times a week and not on a daily basis, as it can damage your skin barrier by overdoing it. If you have sensitive skin, try exfoliating 1-2 times per week instead. 

If you are looking for an effective exfoliator that shows immediate results, try Bright Skies Peeling Gel Exfoliator, a physical exfoliator that does not contain any micro beads and ensures it does not cause micro tears in your skin. It contains goji berries, pumpkin and spinach extracts to help promote skin cell turnover and the removal of dead skin cells build up, while also evening out skin tone and give a brighter complexion! 

#3 Using the wrong formula for your skin type 

Another reason why your moisturiser might not be working for you could be because you are not listening to your skin! Choosing the right formula for your skin type is key in terms of seeing results. For oily skin types, avoid moisturisers that are too thick, too creamy, too rich, or too greasy, as it can further exacerbate sebum production, giving rise to an even oilier appearance. 

On the other hand, individuals with dry skin should also avoid using moisturisers that are too light and too heavy. No matter your skin type, your skin can become overly dependent on such thick formulas overtime, which renders your normal moisturisers useless! 

For the AM, try Idyllic Fields Daytime Moisturiser, a souffle-like texture that sinks deep and quickly into your skin, giving it the hydration it needs to last the day while you are out and about! It also helps calm acne with a potent 71.9% of oats content, that can calm inflammation. 

For the PM, try Dream Capsule Overnight Sleeping Mask, which helps seal in all hydration and prevent moisture loss throughout the night when you are asleep! It contains bakuchiol that hydrates, boosts collagen production and reduces fine lines without any harsh effects of retinol. It can also replace your night moisturiser. 

Both moisturisers are lightweight but provide deep hydration; their formulas are just right (cue Goldilocks) which is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones! 

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