Youth Beam and Dream Capsule - The Best Anti-Aging Duo

Youth Beam and Dream Capsule - The Best Anti-Aging Duo

Youth Beam

Youth Beam is an anti-ageing night serum that provides instant hydration and skin relief.

It consists of a unique blend of all 3 biotics – prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics – that helps ensure your skin’s microbiome is self-resilient and less sensitive to inflammation and breakouts over time. The Youth Beam serum also fades acne scars and pigmentation!

With anti-ageing properties from ingredients such as reishi mushroom, ginger root and pine bark extracts, the Youth Beam serum will nourish your skin and repair cellular damage while asleep. 

Say hello to soft, glowing and happy skin the next morning!


Dream Capsule

Dream Capsule is the ultimate antioxidant smoothie to repair and nourish your skin overnight, erasing radical damage accumulated during the day. Dream Capsule does all the heavy lifting while you sleep.

It is an overnight sleeping mask that replaces your night cream and contains key ingredients such as Bakuchiol, Purslane, Niacinamide and Squalene.

Treat your skin with the sensational silky air-whipped texture of this mask that will melt onto your skin. Wake up with brighter and plumper skin – looking like you had 12 hours of beauty sleep!


How do they complement each other?

The Youth Beam and the Dream Capsule were formulated to be best used together daily to bring you the best anti-ageing results. Continuous use of both these products will help you to improve skin texture for softer, plump skin, reducing and preventing fine lines from forming. And not forgetting, long lasting hydration!

Use them both for the best anti-ageing results! 

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