How to get rid of dark eye circles?

How to get rid of dark eye circles?

Do dark eye circles plague your everyday life? Pandas are cute but we would never want to look like them. What are some ways we can get rid of this discoloration? 


Firstly, let's shed some light on some possible causes: 

Reason #1

As we age, we might experience a decrease in the fat and collagen that helps maintain our skin’s elasticity. This causes the “darkening” of dark eye circles as the bluish, purplish tint of our blood vessels become more visible. 

Reason #2

For the nightowls, lack of sleep and fatigue may also cause the worsening of dark eye circles! Being sleep deprived causes your skin to become more dull and pale. As a result, the blood vessels and dark tissues beneath your skin might become more visible. Insufficient beauty sleep may also  lead to a fluid buildup beneath your eyes, causing them to appear puffy. Dark circles may then actually be shadows cast by puffy eyelids.

How to improve the appearance of dark eye circles 

If you are dealing with panda-eyes, fret not! Our lightweight eye cream - Gentle Gaze will save the day~


Benefit #1

Gentle Gaze is not just any other eye cream, it comes packaged in a squeeze tube with a cooling metal applicator! Why is that a big deal? Gentle Gaze can be stored in the fridge for an extra cold applicator, perfect for depuffing eyes in the morning. With depuffed eyes, the shadows cast by puffy eyelids will be diminished. Bye bye dark eye circles~


Benefit #2 

Gentle Gaze is beautiful on the inside too! With potent ingredients such as Kelp extract, it brightens and hydrates skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Gentle Gaze is also formulated with Red Ginseng extract which reduces hyperpigmentation and inflammation as a result of poor circulation. Constant use of this magical blend is sure to brighten your under eyes. 


Benefit #3 

Despite the long list of active ingredients, Gentle Gaze presents itself as a lightweight highly spreadable texture. With Gentle Gaze millia seeds are a thing of the past, focus more on diminishing your dark eye circles and less on clogging your pores~ 

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