Ingredient spotlight: Ceramide

Ingredient spotlight: Ceramide

Here at Sigi Skin, we have a deep appreciation for the moisturising benefits of ceramides. But what exactly are they? 

Ceramides are natural compounds consisting of long chains of lipids. They are fundamental components of the skin's outer layers. In fact, healthy skin is composed of approximately 50% ceramides. Think of them as the mortar holding your skin cells together, forming a protective barrier that reduces moisture loss and shields against visible damage caused by pollution and other environmental stressors. When ceramide levels decrease, which can occur due to ageing and other factors, the skin becomes more susceptible to external irritants and various disorders.

Ceramides are renowned for their ability to retain water, contributing to hydration. Incorporating ceramides into a skincare product provides replenishing and restorative benefits. Notably, they play a vital role in strengthening the skin's barrier and can enhance its elasticity.

You can expect to find Ceramides in 6 of our products! 

Ceramides are integral components of our Kaleanser Face Wash and Calming Breeze Body Wash. Their hydrating properties are essential in cleansing products to ensure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed without being stripped of its vital moisture, promoting a healthy and balanced complexion. 

Our bestseller, Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen, is also enriched with ceramides to guarantee that your skin remains well-hydrated throughout the day. With daily use, you can anticipate a fortified skin barrier, offering added protection and resilience.

In addition to our other products, both our Daylight Oasis Vitamin C Serum and Youth Beam Anti-aging Night Serum feature ceramides. These serums not only help maintain your skin's moisture levels but also facilitate the repair of specific skin concerns. A comprehensive approach to skin health and vitality! 

Last but certainly not least, our beloved Gentle Gaze Eye Cream also includes ceramides. This ensures that your delicate under-eye area receives the hydration it deserves, promoting a well-hydrated and plump appearance. Your complete skincare regimen for a healthier, more radiant complexion! 

These are the heavenly benefits that ceramide offers! Try these products out and see the difference!

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